From a single item or appliance, to decluttering a garage, or complete clean-out, Moe's Dump and Junk will haul away almost anything. Some of the items are listed below, but please call if you have additional items that you have questions about being removed.

Garage Design Consultation
When the car no longer fits in the garage, it’s time to call the junk removal specialists at Moe's Junk and Dump. 
Washer & Dryer
Appliance Removal
When it is time to replace your old appliances, removing them on your own is a big task. Moe's Dump and Junk is here to safely dispose of your old appliances.

Mattress & Box Spring Disposal

Not many places take old mattresses, they are tough to move throughout your home. Moe's Dump and Junk will effectively remove any unwanted mattress or box spring.